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At Early Years Education we feel passionate about our centres approach to literacy. We use play based programs to develop reading skills in children as early as 2 years of age.

Our programs are directed at ages 2 Years, Pre Kindy, Kindergarten. Our small group activities are specialised and focussed on developing literacy skills for these age groups through a diverse range of communication activities based around our Art, Music and Culture programs.

We provide a quality educational service that is interactive, individually crafted and group based, concentrating on language development and understanding cultural diversity.

Our small classes enable us to focus on your child’s strengths and weaknesses by having one on one attention.

We’ve compiled a brief outline for parents and prospective parents into why Early Years Education puts such an importance on early childhood reading.

Early Learing WritingEarly YEars Writing


We all know if a child is feeling confident, they are open and willing to take on challenges. Entering the main stream system of school is often a very scary time for some children.

At Early Years Education, our literacy programs provide the language building blocks that are invaluable for a child embarking on Pre-Primary and beyond. We feel children who are exposed at an early age to literacy and positive speech connections, feel more confident upon beginning school.

Our small group programs prepare the pre-schoolers for school.


The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn – Maria Montessori

Reading aloud and talking to your child feeds their brain. Young learners have a zest for achieving and learning.

At Early Years Education our job is grow their potential and to feed their brain through a multitude of fun sensory activities and techniques.

We provide opportunities to participate in listening, singing, viewing and exploring through our Art, Music and Culturally based programs.

These stimulating activities aid in providing a positive attitude to learning, writing and reading. Ensuring a jumpstart on their education and future love for lifelong reading.


We love delivering our Art programs and seeing the imaginative projects the children produce. Our school’s young achievers love to make a mess when it comes to creating their master pieces and we love it when they do.

What parents sometimes don’t realise is the huge educational benefit Art creates in developing literacy skills in the early years

Art simulates both sides of the brain. Our children are given topics and through these focussed projects they develop and increase their capacity for attention, memory and concentration. Art requires children to develop questioning skills, even if it’s just to ask where the sparkles are!

Art is an important part of our early childhood syllabus; our children are involved in both making their own art and enjoying the art of others.

Young children feel a sense of emotional satisfaction when they are involved in making art, it also builds a child’s self-esteem by giving them opportunities to express what they are

thinking and feeling.

Culturecutlure 2


Our centre enjoys a cultural diversity in our classes, and this enables us to structure our programs around learning about cultures and traditions. We have seen first-hand the benefits these classes give our children.

It helps to build a sense of identity and knowledge of the world around them, this knowledge builds confidence and can set them up for a positive transition to big school.

We promote second languages and bilingualism, as exposure to different languages has been proven to enhance cognitive ability.We feel that through talking, singing and drawing about different cultures and languages our children build respect for other beliefs and traditions.


Babies and young children love music and movement. All forms of music help the mind and body work together. Music builds motor skills all while letting the child develop their own self-expression and creativity.

Music strengthens our memory. I’m sure none of us remember learning nursery rhymes but they are forever imprinted in our memories and funnily enough come back when we have our own children.

Exposure to Music contributes to children learning the sounds and meanings of words. All essential skills necessary when embarking on a literacy journey.

At Early Years Education we play music, make music, dance and sing songs our Facebook facebooksite adds testament to this.

Early musical interaction helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning.

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