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Reducing food waste in your child's lunch

Here are some things you can do... Cut up fruits and vegetables. Children often take 1 or 2 bites out of an uncut apple or banana and throw the rest away. To avoid this, pack cut-up fruits and vegetables in a reusable container. Your child can take a few bites and save the rest for later.Small portions are better if you child is struggling to eat their food. It is less daunting for them to each less and then they feel like they have achieved a good thing when they finish. Consider making a list ...

August 14, 2019

Child Care verses Kindergarten

Day-Care Verses KindergartenEarly Years Education is lucky enough to be able to provide parents and children with a government approved Kindergarten program for busy working parents who need to have their children cared for longer than a 9-3 traditional school day. Parents often worry that their child will be at a disadvantage if they do not attend their future school’s kindergarten program, we hope to alleviate parents worries in our blog.Kindergarten in WA, is a non-compulsory...

August 14, 2019

Child Literacy

At Early Years Education we feel passionate about our centres approach to literacy. We use play based programs to develop reading skills in children as early as 2 years of age.Our programs are directed at ages 2 Years, Pre Kindy, Kindergarten. Our small group activities are specialised and focussed on developing literacy skills for these age groups through a diverse range of communication activities based around our Art, Music and Culture programs.  We provide a quality ...

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