Child Care verses Kindergarten

Day-Care or School Kindy

Day-Care Verses Kindergarten
Early Years Education is lucky enough to be able to provide parents and children with a government approved Kindergarten program for busy working parents who need to have their children cared for longer than a 9-3 traditional school day.

Parents often worry that their child will be at a disadvantage if they do not attend their future school’s kindergarten program, we hope to alleviate parents worries in our blog.
Kindergarten in WA, is a non-compulsory year for children and all too often hard-working parents struggle to work around normal school hours (9-3)

Early Years Education offers developmental programs that not only provides child care services that supports the hours that working parents need but we also offer programs aimed at preparing your child to be happy and confident when they start compulsory school in Pre-primary.
The Australian government supports approved centres like ours, who provide kindergarten programs that are delivered by qualified early childhood teachers. What this means for parents who qualify is that child care rebates are still available.

Benefits of Early Years Education Kindergarten Program
Kindergarten is a crucial time for your child’s education journey, it’s where they learn important early numeracy, literacy and social skills. Our Kindergarten program not only incorporates child care services that supports working parents. We pride ourselves on building an educational foundation for young learners, so they develop a zest for future learning.
Our groups are small so we can focus on developing age appropriate activities for children to set them up for future educational success.

At Early Years Education our focus on language where we provide exposure to multiple languages which allows students to attend Kindy and excel in the language skills required for Pre-Primary.

Why Kindergarten readiness is important
Kindergarten is the beginning of your child’s education path and this first year as enjoyable, safe and secure as possible will influence the rest of their future education success.
We constantly hear that ‘my child isn’t ready for school’. At Early Years Education we can provide that soft start that many children and parents need. Our nurturing programs provide access to quality education but also gives emotional support to children. Our small class sizes enable us to have proper supervised care while providing a blend of structured learning opportunities and play-based learning.

Is my child ready for Kindergarten
All children must be enrolled into formal school by the year they turn 6 with the cut off being June 30.
Your child may be the correct age to attend but sometimes parents feel children aren’t emotionally ready to start formal school. Our Kindy program focuses on building that confidence and security children need.

Our Art, Music and Language programs  are interactive, educational and more importantly fun, we’re confident that children who attend our centre’s Kindergarten program enter Pre-primary feeling happy, confident and ready to begin Pre-primary.

Our Kindergarten Program
Our educators and teachers form a bond with children that allows minds to engage, we provide smaller groups that allow relationships to develop.
Our Kindergarten program also focuses on developing many important skills that children need to make them feel confident for their future school. Through our Art, Music and Language/Culture programs we build trust through engaging and fun activities. One of our main focuses is language, we provide language skills that sets children up to build friendships and masters the art of cooperation.
Early Years Education Art Activities
Art has traditionally been an important part of early childhood programs; our students are involved in both making their own art and enjoying the art of others.
Young children feel a sense of emotional satisfaction when they are involved in making art, it also builds children’s self-esteem by giving them opportunities to express what they are thinking and feeling.
“We support students and families through this time by enhancing the learning experience, expanding on language and essential skills.
Through Art children are learning and mastering fine motor skills that are necessary when they begin pre-primary.
Culture Activities
We encourage cultural awareness at Early Years Education, so they develop a sense of ownership and connection to people around them.
We promote second languages and bilingualism as exposure to different languages enhances cognitive ability.
aim focuses on the building blocks of teaching building friendships and cooperation. Our languages are French, Spanish, Mandarin and of course English.

Music Activities 
At Early Years Education we play music, dance, sing songs and interact with music.
Musical interaction helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning plus kids love it.
Early Years Education is very proud of our Kindergarten program that we provide, we love hearing back from past parents and children of their school endeavours once they leave us. Our kids have such fond memories of the years they have spent with us and we love hearing all their news.
Contact our friendly staff at Early Years Education to discuss further details and available placements