Class sizes limited to 5

A day in the life of your two year old.
We are there to support students and families. While we will be introducing your child to reading and developing literacy skills, we will be doing this based around our Music, Art and Cultural programs. Picture your child engaging in imaginative play from a story they’ve just been read, using props and dress up clothes. Through this type of activity children within this small group your child is learning to make friends, cooperation and sharing.

Social and Emotional Development

Interacting within a small group children become comfortable meeting new people and playing near them.

Our centre places a high importance on cultural diversity – Through our Cultural, Art and Music programs your child begins to appreciate diversity.

Our activities at the core have a focus on confidence, children will look for new challenges as they build confidence. Starting with putting on your own shoes and trying to tie them always brings a round of applause

Language and Literacy development
Through our Specially devised Art program, child begin to recognise that drawing and writing are ways to communicate.

Through listening to stories children develop skills of asking and answering simple questions about the story.

Rhyming plays a large role within our Music programs. Children expand their vocabulary and learn the difference between similar sounding words.

Music and Art Programs
  • Children express movements to demonstrate feelings
  • Explore dress up for imaginative play
  • Use all type of music and volumes to express feeling and sounds
Children will experience different mediums of materials within this program. Art is all about the fun of making a mess and creations. 
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