Kindergarten (4-5yo)

Class sizes limited to 10

Starting The Education Journey

Kindergarten is a crucial time for your child’s education journey, it’s where they learn important early numeracy, literacy and social skills. Kindergarten helps give children the best start to school.

Our Offering

At Early Years Education our focus on language allows students to attend Kindy and excel in the language skills required for Pre-Primary.

“We support students and families through this time by enhancing the learning experience, expanding on language and essential skills.”


Emergent drawing and writing skills are crucial in the development of handwriting. Children will make marks on paper from an early age and call it ‘their writing’. Marie Clay describes their repetitive squiggles or attempts at adult writing as the ‘recurring principle’.

Problem solving

Hand–eye coordination is important in the development of handwriting. Young children are supported in the development of their hand–eye coordination, balance, spatial awareness and fine and gross motor skills.


Research shows that learning to read is one of the most important factors in school success and that an early exposure to books and stories substantially contributes to success in early literacy. There are strong links between literacy, school performance, self-esteem and life chances with poor literacy skills being linked with lower education, earnings, health and social outcomes.


Our educators and teachers form a bond with children that allows minds to engage, we provide smaller groups that allow relationships to develop, enabling our reading time to become a cosmos of ideas.

“Relationships are the key. For relationships, minds have to engage. Ideas are essential, and books constitute a superlative source of ideas. Books can be bridges between children and parents, and children and the world.” (Dorothy Butler, Babies Need Books. Bodley Head, 1980)

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