2 Year Olds

No more than 5 children

Starting any type of structured environment is a big deal for children and for parents. As parents we want to build positive learning habits and that is exactly our centres' philosophy behind our 2 year old program.

Children begin their schooling with a wide variation in cognitive abilities, communication and language skills, social and behavioural development. Our centre is sympathetic to all their varying levels and our small class sizes always ensures that no one is feeling left behind.

Our approach to teaching our little ones is to make sure their day at day care is nothing but fun. While they are making their works of Art or developing their music skills, we will also be nurturing their progress towards preschool.  

At Early Years Education our focus on milestones in language  provides child and parent confidence and improves communication abilities within our students.

Pre-Kindy (3-4 yrs)

Maximum 10 children

Pre Kindy Como Early Years Education

Starting school for the first time is a big step for any child, so at Early Years Education we provide the language building blocks that are invaluable to ready your child for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary School.

Igniting a Childs zest for learning while concentrating on the fundamentals of the Australian curriculum is our driving force at Early Years Education.

We feel passionate about our day care centre's approach to literacy. Within our Pre kindy programs we use play based programs to develop reading and writing skills in children as early as 2 years of age.

At Early Years Education our focus on language and literacy provides a confidence within our students and sees them excel in the milestones we strive to achieve in Kindergarten.

Kindy (4-5 yrs)

Maximum 10 children

Early Years Education is lucky enough to be able to provide parents and children with a government approved Kindergarten program for busy working parents who need to have their children cared for within our day care longer than a 9-3 traditional school day.

Kindergarten is a crucial time for your child’s education journey.  It’s where they learn important early numeracy, literacy and social skills. Our Kindergarten program not only incorporates childcare services that supports working parents. We pride ourselves on building an educational foundation for young learners, so they develop a zest for future learning.

Our groups are small so we can focus on developing age appropriate activities for children to set them up for future educational success.

At Early Years Education our focus on language and literacy development provides a confidence within our students and sees them excel in the skills required for Pre-Primary.