Luci Marin

Luci is our Centre Supervisor at Early Years Education.  She was born in Argentina and lived in Mexico for 5 years before moving to Australia in 2012.

Luci has worked within our centre since it opened and has loved watching the children develop and prepare for their next step to “Big” School.  Luci enjoys  working with children in small groups which allows her the opportunity to get to know them as individuals.

Luci has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education speaks Spanish and English. 

Norma Cordero

Norma is our Lead Educator and is a skilful teacher with extensive experience in Early Childhood Education. Norma loves her job at Early Years Education and happily contributes her experience  acquired overseas in a Bachelor Degree in Language Education for all ages.  

Norma has completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care  and is passionate about this area of education.  She is a resourceful and creative teacher who likes implementing the program for students based on real play based learning, craft making, singing and reading.  Norma is fluent in Spanish and incorporates this into  her program.

Esther Lopez

From Malaga, a beautiful city, south of Spain on the Mediterranean coast Esther attained a  Degree in Early Childhood Education and Primary School, specialising in Communication, Speech and Language Therapy whilst in Spain.

Esther speaks Spanish and English and teaching is her passion. Esther loves the opportunity to help children grow and develop their personality and knowledge in the early stages of their lives.  She believes that being able to work with children and watching their young minds work and accomplish  new skills or experience is the most rewarding part of being a teacher. 

Dorothy Hatch

Dorothy was born in the southwest of Western Australia, the youngest daughter of two teachers with English and Scottish ancestry.  She taught secondary school mathematics and physics in Melbourne for a decade before transitioning to early childhood teaching.

Dorothy believes that her role as a teacher of young children is to be alongside children, assisting them to acquire skills and knowledge and thereby become increasingly independent individuals.  She values every opportunity to help children prepare for their future life in a world where we are all interdependent.